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want to get better at Computational fluid dynamics?
 Take premier aerodynamics' beginner's course

CFD Beginner's Course

About This premier aerodynamics Course


This CFD Beginner's Course covers all of the basics of CFD. It takes you from not knowing how to do a basic simulation, to understanding all of the steps, all of the tips and tricks to make your CFD more accurate, and finally walking you through how to do your own simulations.


You'll learn everything you need to simulate objects from bluff bodies like cylinders, to streamline bodies like airfoils, to vehicles, and everything inbetween.



Instructional Language: English

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None - We will teach you everything you need to know in this course - the right way

Premier Aerodynamics Certificate of Completion: Yes, each student receives a certificate of completion




What You'll Learn through our premier aerodynamics course:


  • What CFD is

  • How to do a CFD simulation

  • Popular and free commerical solvers

  • How to import your geometry correctly

  • How to mesh properly

  • How to generate a high-quality mesh

  • What the solver settings mean

  • Which solver settings to select

  • Tips and tricks to help your simulations solve faster and more accurately

  • How to process your simulations

  • How to extract amazing data, like in this video.


You will also run your own simulation!


By the end of this course, you will be ready to tackle any typical CFD problem!

Learner Stories:


“Learning CFD literally turned my undergrad around. It’s one of the most useful courses I’ve taken to date.”


Alex K.

Mechanical Engineering Student, Massachusetts, U.S.A.



“CFD made me more attractive to my employer. I feel more capable and I have more to contribute in meetings.”


John C.

Aerodynamics Engineer, Silverstone, U.K.



“I decided to take this course because I saw how important understanding the fundamentals of CFD are. My grades have reflected my improved knowledge.”


Patrick T.

Aerospace Engineering Student, Munich, Germany

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